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Commercial Catch Basin Cleaning

commercial parking lot drain cleaning services provided by Pacific Plumbing and Drain serving Vancouver WACommercial parking lot drains and catch basins require preventive maintenance. This is because items collected in these drains can clog and cause environmental degradation in the area.

However, our commercial parking lot drain cleaning service removes collected debris that pollutes and clogs drainpipes.

Rain and wind push debris and sediment from the street into the surrounding parking lot drainage systems, which creates a blockage. However, with a reoccurring commercial parking lot drain cleaning and maintenance plan clogged drains and the damage they generate can be avoided.

What are Catch Basins?

A catch basin is the drain system that strains the water and therefore keeps it clean. It filters oils, pollutants and various contaminates out of the community’s water sources. When these substances collect in the catch basin and drainage pipes, the possibility of flooding rises. Therefore, annual commercial catch basin cleaning is required.

Scheduled Cleanings and Maintenance can Help

Blocked catch basins cause floods in parking lots and garages and limit access to buildings. However, annual inspections and cleanings reduce the debris that cause most drainage system blockages. Therefore, commercial catch basin cleaning begins with thorough inspections, assessing any damage that requires repairs.

The professional cleaning team at Pacific Plumbing & Drain addresses the issue by:

  • First of all, we vacuum out the catch basin
  • Then, we wash down the drainage lines, and
  • Finally, we dispose of the waste products at a designated facility.

Line Jetting

Line jetting is an excellent method for commercial catch basin cleaning. High-pressure streams of water scrub the walls of the drainage pipes to remove the contaminated debris.

This water is shot from a hose at nearly 3,500-pound force per square inch (PSI), therefore easily clearing any minor blockages in the drainage system to keep it running smoothly.

These strong jets of water shot down through the drainage lines helps to dislocate the grease, sand and other debris collected throughout the year. In conclusion, with yearly commercial parking lot drain cleaning the local drainage lines will flow naturally without issue.


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