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Commercial Plumbing Repipes

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Many older commercial buildings develop signs that their pipes are failing, necessitating commercial plumbing repipes. When pipes begin to leak, or the water pressure in the building is low, these are typical signs the system is failing. Galvanized pipes were popular with builders years ago, but over the years, they develop leaks requiring replacement.

When building owners find lead or polybutylene piping in their building, it is highly advisable to request plumbing repipes in the building. With lead pipes, it has been concluded that lead is leached into the water. Since lead is highly toxic and harmful when consumed, the EPA warns that exposing young children to lead can cause severe developmental delays.

Polybutylene is another type of piping used in buildings built between 1970 and 1990. It was utilized due to its versatility and ease to install. Unfortunately, when exposed to certain chemicals, these pipes were prone to break down due to the poor quality of the material also requiring plumbing repipes.

Signs old buildings’ pipes need repiping

Leaks within the walls – Stains on walls or tiles falling off shower walls are signs that a pipe is leaking within the wall confines. When repiping is required, an expert sheetrock repair services can restore the walls back to their prime condition.

Underground pipe leaks – Plumbing problems underground are difficult to locate if there is a leak in the pipes. One small hole or crack in a pipe can cost thousands of dollars in wasted water, and repairs in the area of commercial plumbing repipes digging.

The water quality – Cracked and worn pipes along with debris and fungi collected in pipes destroys the quality of the water. As debris builds up in the pipes, it decreases the water pressure in plumbing systems. Signs of deteriorating water quality are evident when the color of the water turns yellow or brown.

Piping used in plumbing repipes

Pex piping – For a material that does not corrode over time and is resistant to scale and chlorine deposits Pex piping is easier for plumbers to work. Due to its flexibility, it requires fewer fittings, lessening its susceptibility to leaks. For budget minded business owners this piping is a great economical alternative.

Copper piping – Copper piping utilized in a building repipe benefits the restoration of that facility. They immediately eradicate any issues created by lead or galvanized piping. Copper is an environmentally safe, natural product that will not crack or crumble due to its resistance to corrosion. Copper is rigid, so it won’t sag over time, requiring additional supports. 

When your plumbing system starts to fail, contact Pacific Plumbing & Drain for assistance in choosing the most cost-efficient piping for the facility.


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