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Commercial Plumbing Repair Services

Commercial plumbing has a greater demand placed upon it than plumbing in a residence. It must be capable of fulfilling the demands of ten- to a hundred-fold more people due to the number of people interacting with a business.

This presents unique problems when commercial plumbing fails.

Pacific Plumbing and Drain excels at offering a commercial plumbing repair service designed to swiftly fulfill the needs of businesses. This means fixing the problem, and working to ensure that the same problem does not occur again.


What Is It Like To Be A Pacific Plumbing & Drain Customer?

Commercial plumbing fixtures tend to be numerous. There may be three to twenty fixtures in just one of a business’s bathrooms, which may each be used hundreds of times a day.

This can make isolating drain clogs, leaky fixtures and other problems incredibly difficult.

Our commercial plumbing repair service is capable of diagnosing the problem accurately and quickly. This allows our plumbing technicians to quickly fix the problem, which in turn enables the individuals visiting your business to resume using your commercial plumbing fixtures.

Commercial Faucet Repair

Leaking, Broken, Replacement

Faucets tend to be prone to leaks. They may develop as the result of the interaction of chemicals like chlorine with rubber seals, through regular wear and tear, or through any number of causes.

Our technicians can repair leaky faucets, which can save money on the utility bills of a business.

Customers may also occasionally break faucets. We can repair some of these faucets, and replace them with the same or comparable models. This can allow faucets to remain useful without ruining the aesthetics of a commercial building.

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Commercial Toilet & Urinal Repair

Leaking, Broken, Replacement

Toilets and urinals are another area where commercial plumbing tends to encounter problems. The seals in a toilet reservoir may erode over time, which in turn can lead towards leaks and complete malfunctions. Hard water may accumulate on the jets of toilets and urinals, which can diminish their ability to remove waste.

Other plumbing experts can repair these problems in a way that allows businesses to continue operation.

If the toilet or urinal is broken beyond repair, we can replace the fixture with an operational and aesthetically pleasing replacement.

Commercial Fixture Repair

Faucets, garbage disposals and shower heads may be an integral part of a business. These components are prone to break down that can derive from any number of causes.

Our technicians can repair commercial fixtures such as faucets, garbage disposals, shower heads and more. What we cannot repair can be replaced with energy-efficient fixtures.

To learn more about our commercial plumbing repair service, call Pacific Plumbing and Drain at (503) 839-2964 today.


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Commercial Plumbing Repair Service in Portland Oregon

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