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Commercial Plumbing Fixture Repair

Dripping faucets seem easy to fix. At first, additional pressure is placed on the faucet’s handle to stop the drip. However, over time, more and more pressure is needed and the drip continues to flow.

Several things possibly cause the faucet to drip. However, before removing any screws, it is important to determine the cause of the problem. The movable parts of a faucet wear out over time and require repair or replacement.

Contact the plumbing fixture repair team at Pacific Plumbing & Drain to quickly fix that drip before it becomes a constant water flow raising your water bill.

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Dripping Faucets Increase Costs

The American Water Works Association’s drip calculator estimates that for a slow drip, the leak per minute wastes 576 gallons a day, 17,280 gallons a month and 210,240 gallons in a year. Can your business afford to spend that much money on wasted water and utility costs?

Every business property has at least one faucet on the premises. Not every faucet is the same but imagine the waste if 210,240 gallons is multiplied by each faucet on the business property–that is tough on the utility bills and commercial faucet systems. Furthermore, that is a lot of wasted water for larger businesses such as hotels, hospitals, restaurants, airports, and convention centers.

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Today’s Newer Faucets Need Additional Care

To ensure daily business operations continue, rely on the expertise of the commercial plumbing fixture repair specialists at Pacific Plumbing & Drain to control the drips. Today, with the hands-free faucets, business owners need professional help to regulate a faucet’s ability to moderate the water temperature. Unnecessary accidents from scalding hot water used by employees or customers is avoided with the help a qualified technician making the adjustment.

Furthermore, controlling how much hot water is being utilized by the automatic sensor and hands-free faucets is important. In fact, moderating the water temperature is a primary requirement for the protection of employees and customers.

Locating the Cause of the Drip

Our plumbing fixture repair professionals diagnose and fix the cause of dripping faucets. Our special tools and the right plumbing materials and parts correct the problem. Usually, a dripping faucet just requires a washer or a replacement for that worn out nut. If the leak is caused by problems further into the plumbing system, it definitely needs a professional’s care. To avoid a more serious situation, it is important to have our experts check that leaky faucet.


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Commercial Plumbing Fixture Repair in Portland Oregon

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