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Commercial Toilet & Urinal Repair

Commercial Toilet & Urinal Repair Services provided by Pacific Plumbing and Drain Serving Vancouver WA Portland OR

Plumbing fixtures that get an enormous amount of use in any facility are the toilets and urinals. These wonderful inventions have been used over the centuries to safely remove waste from public buildings and homes. They are great aids in the control of health and safety issues. Unfortunately, age, continuous use, and environment issues create problems requiring a commercial toilet repair professional.

General problems of a typical toilet and urinal

  • Tank continuously running
  • Backflow problems
  • Obstructions that cause clogs
  • Insufficient flushing power
  • Double flushing
  • No water in bowl of toilet
  • Seals around bases and tanks leaking
  • Cracks in porcelain

Waiting for help can cause significant damage

Ignoring any problems with either the facility’s toilets or urinals can end up being costly. Considering these plumbing fixtures utilize water to function, the damage could be considerable. Call the toilet repair professionals at Pacific Plumbing & Drain to help locate the problem. When toilets or urinals are not working properly due to clogs or cracks in the porcelain, our experts can help. The most common problem is a continuously running fixture that is running up major repair bills. Not only will the plumbing repair bill be larger but so may the cost of refurbishing any damage to walls and floors caused by leaking water and sewage.

Constant running plumbing fixtures

Most folks rarely notice that their plumbing fixtures never quit running. The day-to-day demands of their businesses keep them busy, leaving little time to double check for plumbing issues. It is when a business receives unusually high water and sewer bills that they begin to realize something is wrong. This is fairly typical of older commercial properties.

Just one continuous running toilet can nearly triple a water bill. It starts with a leaking flap or malfunctioning flush valve on the inside of the toilet’s tank. Other leaks can develop due to an aging wax ring seal where the main seat area rests. The water damage alone if these problems are not caught can be catastrophic to a facility. Catching these problems early can help keep expenses to a minimum. Contact the professional repair team at Pacific Plumbing & Drain to assist in the maintenance and care of plumbing fixtures used the most in any facility.


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Commercial Toilet and Urinal Repair in Portland Oregon

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