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The Commercial On Demand Water Heaters

commercial on demand water heaters by Pacific Plumbing and Drain Cleaning serving Portland ORMany business owners believe commercial on demand water heaters are a great asset for their business.

Homeowners enjoy the appeal tankless water heaters offer, and it’s no surprise that their use in commercial buildings grows all the time. More and more companies switch to on demand water heaters every day due to the advantages they offer.

Commercial businesses use water through sink faucets, dishwashers, showers, and washing machines. However, a lot of water is wasted when waiting for the water to heat.

Installation of on demand water heaters offers:

  • A perpetual supply of hot water
  • Installation almost anywhere in the home
  • A small and compact water heater
  • Open space once the old unit is removed
  • Energy efficiency for those concerned with the environment
  • No more hot water supply running out
  • Energy savings of nearly 30%

Installation is all about the size

Any busy company with a minimum requirement for space uses on demand water heaters to produce the maximum amount of hot water necessary. In fact, these water heaters are approximately the size of a suitcase or smaller. These wall-mounted heaters are installed on the exterior or interior walls of the facility in close-fitting spaces, which frees up valuable space in the facility. Additionally, the heater is often mounted in non-traditional areas such as attics or crawlspaces, which opens additional space for storage or other appliances.

Why wait for water?

Traditional water heaters have a tough time keeping up with a typical day’s hot water requirement. No matter how large the tank of a conventional hot water heater is, it eventually runs out of hot water.

Small businesses usually require on demand units that have the water capacity for a single-family home. For larger companies that have a higher demand for hot water, there is a tankless heater that keeps steaming hot water running indefinitely.

The design of these new water heaters gives them a longer lifespan with its recyclable replaceable parts. This means repairs are quicker and easier instead of an entire system replacement as conventional tanks require. These new commercial on demand water heaters not only save money but are environmentally safe. Why wait for hot water when you can install one now?

The experts at Pacific Plumbing & Drain will tell you what it takes for the installation and what to expect.


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Commercial On Demand Water Heaters in Portland Oregon

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