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Commercial Water Heater Repair Services

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Having available hot water is taken for granted in the process of washing hands to the cleaning of pots and pans. It’s easy to ignore how dependent people are on their hot water heaters. Having well-functioning instant water heaters are imperative to many businesses. Hospitals, restaurants, physical fitness facilities and even schools all depend on the use of hot water. Having a competent commercial water heater repair company to call for the maintenance and care for the company’s water heater helps to avoid any disruption in service.

Typical water heater problems

Understanding what the cause of the lack of hot water is in a facility begins with determining the cause of the problem. Sometimes it is just a pilot light that blew out or lack of electricity to the unit. Having a commercial water heater repair pro check the water heater out can help avoid any accidents. These experts will be able to troubleshoot the situation to make informed decisions to correct the problem. Many times it is something very basic and can be repaired in no time avoiding any further disruptions to the supply of hot water.

Contact a water heater expert when the:

  • Pilot and burner will not stay lit
o Water looks rusty
  • Water is too hot
o Water is cold and will not get hot
  • Water tank or the connecting pipes are leaking
  • Water has a strange odor
  • Tank is making low rumbling, popping or whining sounds

What will the commercial water heater repair team look for?

To diagnose what the need is for gas and electric water heater repair, our team will first make sure that the system is up to code. Older water heater models do not have the new overflow regulators or local circuit breakers available to help avoid dangerous operating problems. Our experts will also inspect and assess the condition of the electrical system, gaskets, moving parts, and pilot light. 

Systems within a water heater depend on each other, and when a problem is not addressed, it usually leads to new challenges. Water heater failures especially water leaks can cause extensive damage to a building. The incidence of mold and mildew rises if damaged drywall and wood are not cared for adequately. Contact a gas and electric water heater repair expert is essential for the safety of the home.


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Commercial Water Heater Repair in Portland Oregon

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