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There’s no hot water to wash the complimentary towels in the gym and nothing but frigid cold water in the showers. From physical training facilities to restaurants to hospitals, hot water is a necessary commodity. Could it be time for a commercial water heater replacement? Several factors to consider when thinking of replacing an existing water heater include the age of the unit, if the demand for hot water has grown, and is a more economical, energy efficient model needed?

The Savings Can Add Up

Conventional tank water heaters usually last ten to thirteen years. Water heaters at that age often show definite signs of aging in their appearance and higher utility costs. Knowing that the newer commercial water heater replacements on the market offer 20% or more energy efficiency than the existing water heater is appealing.

What’s The Diagnosis?

The task of a conventional water heater is simple. The cold water flows into the tank, which is then heated by an electrical heating element or gas burner. Here are several items a professional water heater technician will know when a unit requires replacement by checking:

  • If the pilot light has gone out on gas units.
  • Circuit breaker keeps tripping on an electric water heater.
  • The electric heating element or burner fails.
  • Water heater’s valves are sticking.
  • Is the tank leaking?

Newer Methods Used to Heat Water

  • Retrofit heat pump water heater – This system connects the conventional water tank with the heat pump to extract heat from the air to help heat the water in the reservoir. These retrofit systems use the existing electrical and water connections lowering the cost of repairs and daily water heating needs.
  • Tankless water heater – This compact unit replaces the requirement for a large water tank. It is energy efficient while supplying the continuous need for hot water only when needed. The tankless water heater should last up to 15-20 years and helps to reduce those expensive commercial water heating bills.
  • Solar Water heater systems – These units utilize the sun’s energy to heat hot water for your business. Solar units use either passive or active systems. The passive systems last longer and are more reliable. Active systems require pumps to help circulate the hot water throughout a facility. Most solar systems need an insulated tank as well as a backup system for overcast days to meet high hot water demands.

Today these newer techniques help heat water while saving on utility bills and are energy efficient. The professionals at Pacific Plumbing & Drain will explain the most reliable model for your company.


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Commercial Water Heater Replacement in Portland Oregon

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