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City Sewer Hookup & Connection

Septic tanks and sewer systems are the two primary means of home waste removal. Many homes have obsolete septic systems that were installed before sewage systems were made available by local municipalities.

Pacific Plumbing and Drain specializes in expert sewer hookup while decommissioning the former septic system. Combine this with our other plumbing services, and we can offer every plumbing service that a client may need.


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Septic and Sewer Systems: Understanding the Differences

About Septic Systems

Septic systems take and store waste, which includes everything from biological matter to paper products. This waste decomposes into solid and liquid matter that inevitably gets returned to the ground.

The septic systems’ problem is that they require annual maintenance. Failure to maintain these systems will inevitably lead to issues, such as septic system backup, and complete failure of the system. Even a maintained septic system has a limited life.

About Sewer Systems

Sewer systems are different in that they carry waste from a home or business directly to the local water treatment plant. This allows for a large amount of water to be treated. Water is returned in the form of tap water that is safe to drink once purified.

The sewer systems’ main advantage is the fact that the local city is required to maintain them. This reduces the cost to the property owner, as property owners are completely responsible for septic system maintenance.


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City Sewer Hook Up and Connection

Pacific Plumbing and Drain utilizes a number of sewer hookup methods that help our customers reduce their costs while providing the highest quality sewer system performance. We can connect sewer systems by excavating the entire length of a sewer main line, or use trenchless pipe laying to perform the job while sparing any lawns, gardens and trees that may be in the way.

Our professionals employ the right techniques, and our customers face fewer problems with their sewer line installation.

 During sewer connection installation, we can decommission the old septic system in a way that is both safe and efficient. This means that there will be no undesirable side effects, such as strange smells, from the old septic system.

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City Sewer Hookup in Portland Oregon

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