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City Sewer Hook Up & Connection

city sewer hook up services provided by Pacific Plumbing and Drain serving Portland OR Vancouver WAOnly the expertise of a licensed professional can install city sewer hook up & connection. Pacific Plumbing & Drain is licensed to repair and maintains sewers, and we offer extensive sewer line inspections as well.

Septic Systems and Sewer Systems Differences

Urban areas and cities often use sewer systems. Smaller communities typically use individual septic tank systems. As these little towns grow, the opportunity to hook a septic system up to a government sewer also grows. Homeowners find this an attractive option, since septic tank care and maintenance can be a hassle.

Advantages Offered by City Sewer Hook Ups

  • The city is responsible for system maintenance. 
  • The home’s waste water is processed at a different location.
  • The sewer system handles torrential rain storms and floods.

Is the Water Clean?

Bacterial micro-organisms clean and filter the water from the sewers and septic tanks. Then, the cleansed water is released back into the environment. Problems arise when septic systems are not well maintained. These septic tanks become a nuisance for the ecosystem of the community.

When untreated wastewater gets into the groundwater, it contaminates the surface water and threatens the public’s health. Sewage, if not treated properly, spreads diseases such as hepatitis and dysentery. Drinking contaminated water causes illness. This tainted water also gets into local lakes and streams. Insects that breed in these areas can also spread these diseases.

Benefits of a Shared Water Treatment System

City sewer hookup offers peace of mind. The city maintains the system to code, and it ensures that water is treated properly. Shared sewer hookup systems also hold wastewater in a particular treatment area for the local population’s safety. The city systems handle heavy loads of sewage and tolerate large amounts of rain that quickly overwhelms a home-based septic tank.

Do you want to replace your high-maintenance septic tank? Avoid any future backups from the home’s septic system– request the service of the licensed professionals at Pacific Plumbing & Drain to help with the hookup of your home’s sewer system.


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City Sewer Hook Up and Connection in Portland Oregon

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