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Septic System Checks and Diagnosis

septic system checks and diagnosis provided by Pacific Plumbing and Drain Serving Vancouver WAThe owner is responsible for several system inspections the state requires when planning to sell property. The government requires home owners with a septic tank to arrange for septic system inspection.

The real estate agent that handles the property transaction understands the importance of real estate inspections for septic systems.

Both the professionals at Pacific Plumbing & Drain and the real estate agent will help the homeowner understand the inspection requirements and processes. These evaluations are set up to protect the public’s health and avert any contamination to the local ground water resources.

Real Estate Inspections and Expectations

Don’t delay that inevitable septic tank inspection or wait until the last minute. During real estate inspections, homeowners have a long list of items that require assessment. The septic tank inspection is a top priority, and there should be no delay in the close. If the inspector determines that the system does not meet the state requirements, required maintenance may not reach completion in time for the close.

When Problems Arise

Much older homes with aging septic systems may have unidentified hidden problems. If the need for extensive repairs on the system are discovered during the septic system checks and diagnosis, this could end up being a deal breaker with the buyers. The homeowners could lose the sale if the septic tank repairs go beyond the need of just a system pump. Problems that show up during the inspection of a septic system of any age may not be apparent during normal daily use. Tree roots and blockages in the system are a homeowner’s worst nightmare.

Items the Inspector Evaluates

  • Inspector looks for signs of broken or missing tees.
  • Checks if septic tank lid needs to be replaced.
  • The tank is inspected for evidence of deterioration and decay
  • The septic tank is pumped out for the inspector to evaluate the structural stability of the tank’s walls.
  • The distribution box is examined for signs of deterioration.
  • Determines if the drain field lines are properly functioning, and an absorption test is performed.
  • The inspector looks for soil compaction and root invasion within the tank and drain field.

Even if a home is not going on the market, it’s important to have periodic septic system checks and diagnosis for a homeowner’s peace of mind. 


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Real Estate Septic System Checks and Diagnosis in Portland Oregon

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