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Septic System Decommissioning

Septic System Decommissioning services provided by Pacific Plumbing and Drain serving Vancouver WAIf you suspect you have an abandoned septic system on your property, a you must contact a licensed decommissioning professional. This is because a neglected septic tank is a safety hazard for anyone who comes near it. The abandoned septic system may have a rotten lid or missing safety cover that can cause serious injury if it is not removed and properly decommissioned.

Another safety issue is the potential build up of methane gases within the old tank. An accumulation of this gas can cause a dangerous explosion. Consequently, a professional with specialized tools and expertise mus decommission the tank.

The Septic System Decommissioning Process

To begin the decommissioning process, you must obtain specific permits from the local government. Depending on the area, the requirements may vary. First, you must locate the tank before the decommissioning process begins. According to building codes, septic tanks are placed 10 feet out from the main drainage point of the home. Additionally, you can also locate the tank by asking a neighbor who knows the property or by using the home’s old records. 

Septic Tank Decommissioning Method

We remove the septic lid. This cover is heavy, and requires extra help to lift it. Once the lid is removed, there is a strong possibility that waste products are found in the tank. A professional pumping truck must dispose of this waste for proper sanitary disposal. The decommissioning process is a complex operation. With the help of a septic system decommissioning team, this complicated project will run smoothly.

Getting Rid of that Old Septic Tank

Disconnecting the septic system is the next step after the waste material is removed. Professionals either dig up and remove the tank or fill it with dirt and rubble. Professional strength power equipment is required for the total removal of the tank. Either we crush the old tank and put it back in the hole or we transport the remains elsewhere to dispose of it. Once the tank is removed the hole is filled with dirt and debris.

It Still Needs to be Filled

Dirt and debris must be placed into the septic tank if you decide to leave the tank in place. It is necessary to secure the lid after it is filled. Decommissioning a septic tank is the right thing to do to keep the family safe. Contact the professionals at Pacific Plumbing & Drain to help. Our team can assess the tank and property’s condition to avert any serious mishaps when septic tank decommissioning.


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Septic System Decommissioning in Portland Oregon

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