Sewer Main Line Replacements


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Sewer Main Line Replacements

Sewer lines are designed to take waste away from a building. They handle everything from water to solid waste and paper.

However, not all sewer lines are created equal. Some properties use old clay lines that roots can perforate, break and clog. Copper or PVC pipes may fail due to age or shifts in the ground.

Pacific Plumbing & Drain offers sewer main line replacements designed to replace sewer lines. Chronic and major blockages, which have nasty side effects that range from smells to backed-up waste, can be fixed with this service.


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Why Replace Sewer Lines?

An auger will unclog a sewer line in some circumstances, however these solutions are often an emergency measure. Aging or damaged sewer lines are replaced in order to prevent problems from developing.

Below is a list of why you need to replace your sewer lines:

  • Broken pipes – When a sewer line becomes corroded, damaged or collapsed, or one section is removed from another, replacement is the best and sometimes only option.
  • Chronic blockages – As sewer lines age, they acquire a buildup of grease, foreign objects and other materials. These materials accumulate due to defects in the pipe, which is why replacement is optimal.
  • Leaks – Joints and sections of pipe can leak due to frost damage, ground shifts or defects in the line. Replacement is the best option for stopping these leaks.
  • Tree roots – Invasive tree roots cause blockages and reveal damaged plumbing. Replacement can halt further damage and recurrent blockages.

Other issues, such as off-grade lines, offer more reasons to replace the sewer line.

How Are Sewer Lines Replaced?

Pacific Plumbing & Repair offers two main methods for sewer main line replacements:

  1. Excavated Sewer Line Replacement
  2. Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

With excavated sewer line replacement, the old sewer line is excavated by hand or with machinery. The line and any problems are removed. The new sewer line is installed, properly graded and functional. This type of replacement typically takes between one to three days to complete.

Trenchless sewer line replacement involves installing new plumbing designed to replace the old, failed sewer main line. This process is quick, requires less work, and often produces excellent results.

To learn more about sewer main line replacements, to schedule an estimate, or to seek the plumbing services that the Vancouver and Portland Metro areas trust, call Pacific Plumbing & Drain at (503) 839-2964.

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trenchless sewer main line replacements provided by Pacific Plumbing and Drain Cleaning servicing Portland Oregon

All the repairs and installation take place underground without the hassle and damage that comes along with trench work. The pipes are exchanged for high-quality, durable piping.

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excavated sewer line replacement provided by Pacific Plumbing and Drain Cleaning in Portland Oregon

If drain clearing efforts fail, excavation and replacement methods are employed. Replacement of a section or the entire sewer is necessary in this case.

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Sewer Main Line Replacements in Portland Oregon

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