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Water Line Replacements

Excavated water line replacement services provided by Pacific Plumbing and Drain Serving Vancouver WA Portland ORIt is vital to contact a professional as soon as a main water line failure is suspected. This should help to avoid a major problem that could cause significant damage to the home or personal property.

The team at Pacific Plumbing & Drain will be able to pinpoint and evaluate the situation. If there is a reason for a main water line replacement, we will find it. 

Classic warning signs of a water main failure

Our technicians may ask if you have seen these warning signs:

  • An enormous water bill
  • Little or no water pressure
  • Visible water leaks around plumbing
  • No supply of water to home
  • Sidewalks, driveways or ground collapsed
  • Water pooling in the lawns or flowerbeds
  • Dirty water around fixtures

Are main water lines repaired or replaced?

The location of a main water line leak determines the direction our technicians will take to fix the water line. Occasionally digging and excavation is required to service the water main piping.

Today, with the help of trenchless technology, restoring the main water lines requires less digging on the homeowner’s property. This technique became available 12 years ago, but it is only now being utilized on a more routine basis.

Water line replacements are usually considered emergency situations, leaving little time for the consumer to explore other options. These water line replacements are more cost effective for the property owner.

People do not realize that water line replacements with the trenchless technology averts the lengthy digging replacement methods. Main water line replacements that utilize the trenchless piping repair technology will install and rehabilitate the underground sewer and water systems with less damage to the surrounding area such as the street, sidewalks, driveways, patios, and lawn.

Reasons for main water line malfunctions

Depending on the type of piping used initially in the main water line of the home, it may be necessary for main water line replacements.

If the homebuilder used the older galvanized or iron pipes, replacing these pipes would be advisable. Many eroding water line systems have been found to leach lead into the home’s water system.

These older pipes are not healthy or ecologically sound for the family. If main water line replacements are necessary, the trenchless system offers more durable and environmentally safe piping. Maintaining the home’s property and integrity is obtainable when trenchless technology is employed.


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Excavated Water Line Replacements in Portland Oregon

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