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Water Leak Detection

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A homeowner’s greatest fear is the destruction from that elusive plumbing leak. Everyday homeowners receive repair bills costing hundreds of dollars. Thanks to today’s technology there is a non-invasive way to accurately pinpoint a hidden sewer or water leak in the home. With expert water leak detection services performed by Pacific Plumbing & Drain, a homeowner can have a leak identified immediately to diminish any extra damage to the property.

Typical locations for water leaks

  • Irrigation systems in the yard
  • Under concrete slabs and foundations
  • Behind or inside walls
  • Roofs and attics
  • Basements
  • Garages
  • Sidewalks
  • Main water lines in flower beds and lawns
  • Water meter connections

Water meter connections

Are the water bills higher than usual? Is there a pool of water on the floor coming from behind the washing machine? There’s a good chance there’s a leak somewhere. With help, your leak can be located quickly to avert any further problems. Plumbing leak detection now utilizes electronic sonic listening equipment to pinpoint the exact site of the hidden leak. With this technology, the minutest leak can be located even in concrete or asphalt. The art of this electronic water leak detection system is amazingly accurate. Once the leak is found, our team will assess and advise the homeowner on the situation to help alleviate the leak before it becomes a major problem.

How to avoid future plumbing leaks

  1. Inspect walls that contain plumbing pipes checking for mold, moisture, or any discoloration.
  2. While running garbage disposal and dishwasher, check for any signs of leaking under the sink.
  3. Check the valve piping and valves of the water heater for any leaks.
  4. Occasionally check for leaks around pipes of all sink faucets, the base of faucets and sink drains.
  5. During the winter months check exterior exposed piping, cover exposed pipes if freezing temperatures are forecasted.
  6. Have frost free hose spigots to prevent freezing pipes.
  7. Check washing machine water hoses for leaks.

Pacific Plumbing and Drain is Your Local Expert

At some point in every homeowner’s life, leaks will occur. Even with taking the utmost caution, plumbing leaks materialize without notice. They can occur for almost any reason. Sometimes it is just a bad pipe connection, aging pipes or unexpected freezing weather that will affect the conditions leading to leaks. Whatever the problem, the plumbing leak detection experts at Pacific Plumbing & Drain can help find that leak.

This innovative technique known as trenchless water main installation has replaced the need to dig large trenches all over the homeowner’s property. With just a moderate hole dug at each end of the damaged pipe, the water line can be repaired with minimal damage to the area.

The new piping is then fed down through the tunnel created by the existing old pipeline; the old pipe is withdrawn, and the new pipe is pulled into place. The newer piping is strong and durable to last many years, reducing the chance of another possible breakdown in the future. The trenchless water line technology is used on damaged pipelines throughout the country with great success. Contact the professionals at Pacific Plumbing & Drain if there is an unexpected hike in the water bill- it could be a sign of a water line leak.


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