Residential Main Line Drain Cleaning and Jetting


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Residential Main Line Drain Cleaning and Jetting

residential main line drain cleaning and jetting services provided by Pacific Plumbing and Drain serving Portland ORIt’s so easy to take household drains for granted even though we utilize them several times a day. When showering, doing laundry, running the dishwasher, or flushing the toilet the household drains are in use. Usually, people are oblivious until life gets complicated when the need for residential main line drain cleaning arises. Most homes have two types of drainage lines; the main line drain and a secondary line drains. When the drain lines are clogged, drainage issues will cause havoc in the home and the surrounding property. It is time for a professional’s attention.

What is the significance of main line drains and secondary drain lines?

The final destination of the main sewer line is to the home’s septic tank or the city sewer line. If the bathtubs or showers are stopped up along with the sinks, and the toilets are not running as they should, it is most likely a clogged main sewer line. Another sign of a clogged drain is gurgling sounds coming from the other pipes in the home. Ignoring these signs will eventually cause costly damage from raw sewage and waste water backing up in the home. A professional main sewer line cleaning team should be contacted to look over and evaluate the drain situation in the home.

Complications from secondary drains

The secondary line drains include floor drains in basements, utility sink drains, kitchen drains and bathroom sink drains. These drains all lead to the large main line drain. If a secondary line drain clogs up, it is usually an isolated problem. It usually does not affect the other secondary line drains in the home. Though, if the main line drain has a big issue, it will create problems with all the secondary line drains requiring the aid of a residential main line drain cleaning pro.

Drain jetting is the answer

Plungers, plumbing snakes, and harsh chemicals are no competition for an obstinate clog. Drain jetting is an efficient method used today by professional plumbers. This plumbing service makes use of a forceful blast of water through the pipes to the stubborn clogs. This specialized tool utilizes a nozzle which sprays water into the pipe up to 4,000 pounds per square inch (psi) into the drains. This extreme blast of water bursts into the pipes, loosening years and years of grime and sludge out of the pipes. The main line drain’s clog will be dislodged, and the walls will be scoured clean by the jetting. Don’t wait until a residential main line drain cleaning is needed. The consequence could be expensive and end up damaging priceless valuables. The professionals at Pacific Plumbing & Drain can dislodge that nasty, destructive clog.


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Residential Main Line Drain Cleaning and Jetting in Portland Oregon

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