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On a perfect spring or summer afternoon, what homeowner dreams of getting up on a ladder to clean smelly leaves out of the gutters. Ignoring the gutter is easy until a nasty stain appears on one of the walls inside the home. Many people do not realize that when the leak spreads to the interior of a home, the attic and outside structure have been enduring water leaks for a while due to a failing gutter system. To correct this problem, the rain drain cleaning experts at Pacific Plumbing & Drain will inspect, diagnose and locate what is causing the home’s gutter problem.

Gutters are not just for decoration

Gutters and downspouts protect the home from extensive water damage during prolonged bouts of rain or frozen precipitation. Debris from the roof and the yard find their way into the home’s gutters and downspouts with the help of the wind. Occasionally, if there are kids in the neighborhood, a stray tennis ball or toy will find its way into the gutter system restricting the water from flowing freely. Whether warm or cold weather, when water has nowhere to flow, the excess will just flow over the clogged gutter onto the exterior or interior walls of a home. Over time, the neglect of a home’s gutters and downspouts will have damaging effects on the walls and appearance of a house.

Cleaning out those gutters

Keeping your gutters clean, short of tearing them all down, is achieved with routine rain drain cleaning. With recurrent rain storms, the rain water that gathers in the gutter gets heavier, maxing out the weight that the gutter can typically withstand. Maintaining your gutters and downspouts with a powerful water jetting will have them draining properly to avoid damage to the home and the home’s foundation. Jetting removes the dead leaves, roof tile debris and dirt that collects there.

Jetting is the answer

With downspout cleaning and jetting, the high-pressure water spray will not harm the home’s gutters. It quickly removes the wet, heavy decaying leaves left in the gutters from the fall and winter storms. Having downspout cleaning and jetting helps to avoid the hassle of removing these dirty, smelly rotting leaves by hand.

The jetting service is quick and easy. It will be finished in a professional manner while protecting the exterior walls and windows of your home keeping them out of harm’s way from any water damage. With the use of regular water, downspout cleaning and jetting is reliable and environmentally safe for the home and gutter system. With water jetting, a home’s gutters will look sensational and back in the flow of things.


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