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Residential Plumbing Construction & Remodeling Services

While residential plumbing construction and remodeling involves the pipes that connect a home to water delivery, a form of waste disposal, the infrastructure to carry water to and from a home and the fixtures that make these actions possible, there is more to plumbing than just the repairing and maintaining what a home has.

Pacific Plumbing and Drains understand this, which is why we offer residential plumbing construction & remodeling service. This allows us to work with homeowners to update their plumbing, install new energy-efficient fixtures, and add new plumbing infrastructure.


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Residential Plumbing Repipes – PEX Piping, Copper Piping, Sheetrock Repair Services

In the Portland Metro area, it is common for homes to have old styles of pipes. They may have galvanized steel or PVC pipes. While these pipes can work passingly for years, they are prone to inevitably causing problems.

This is why we offer our customers the ability to have their residential plumbing repiped. We can utilize copper piping, which is considered the standard in the plumbing industry for most projects, or more flexible PEX piping.

The best type of pipe for the job will depend upon the unique construction requirements of the homeowner. PEX pipe, for example, may be ideal for connecting a washing machine to cold and hot water if a customer desires to relocate their washing machine.

In addition to repiping, we also offer sheetrock repair services. These services may be useful to repair damage that faulty plumbing has caused, or to repair any damage that may have occurred during the repiping process.

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Residential Energy Efficient Fixture Upgrades – Toilets, Water Heaters, Faucets, No Touch Plumbing Fixtures

Our residential plumbing construction & remodeling service extends to fixtures, water heaters and other devices designed to make plumbing more convenient.

We are capable of installing and upgrading:

  • Toilets
  • Faucets
  • Drains
  • Water heaters
  • And more

A unique service that we offer consists of the installation of no-touch plumbing fixtures. These allow the spread of germs and other contaminants to be limited by requiring no physical contact with fixtures to use them.

Residential New Construction Plumbing – Remodels, New Build-Outs, Retrofits

Pacific Plumbing and Drain specializes in providing for all the plumbing needs of remodeling and new construction projects. We are capable of installing plumbing as it is needed for new homes. We can also install new plumbing for home remodels, which includes bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects.

Another residential plumbing construction & remodeling service we offer pertains to retrofits. Our plumbing technicians can retrofit older fixtures to work with newer plumbing. This can allow our customers to keep their antique fixtures without having to make do with decadent plumbing.

For more information on the residential plumbing services we offer, contact Pacific Plumbing and Drain by calling (503) 839-2964.

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Residential Plumbing Construction & Remodeling Services in Portland Oregon

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