Residential New Construction Plumbing


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Residential New Construction Plumbing

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Whether you need a plumber to help with bathroom remodels, custom kitchen renovations, or new construction plumbing projects, correct plumbing is imperative.

Even if it is for a powder room renovation, knowing what energy efficient products are on the market from the outset can save money in the long run.

With new plumbing installation, the experienced construction plumbing team at Pacific Plumbing & Drain can make all the difference. From the get-go, we will choose the correct pipes and plumbing systems for years of worry free usage.

New Device Installation

When modifying or replacing the existing plumbing fixtures and appliances in the home, water conservation should be an important consideration. In most residential remodels, the newer fixtures are retrofitted into the space of the older models.

The newer innovative retrofits are designed to restrict water flow or displace water volume. Each new plumbing fixture helps to conserve water usage in the home while saving money. The newer Energy Protection Agency’s fixtures available now save up to twenty percent more than standard home plumbing. Homes built before 1994 are constructed with less efficient plumbing fixtures, which raises the cost of utility bills.

What to expect with residential new construction plumbing?

Whether it is new construction, new build-outs or remodels, the installation of the plumbing begins by determining the required pipes and plumbing fixtures. Knowledge of the type of room will determine what water lines and waste pipes will be expected for their specific functions. There are several differences between the plumbing requirements of a bathroom and a kitchen. 

Mapping out the project

Water intake and waste pipes along with the venting need proper placement for fully functioning plumbing. The location of the new build-out or remodeling project also determines if the plumbing pipes will be on the ground or in the walls. Knowing where the water intake and waste pipes enter the building is crucial in the planning process. Mapping out the plumbing system, defining where the fixtures will be installed is essential in properly planning for the success of residential plumbing build-outs or remodels. It is critical to map it all out with the knowledge of where and how the pipes run before any project begins.

When considering residential new construction plumbing projects or residential plumbing build-outs, the choice of the best fittings and pipes to use needs is essential. Plumbing pipes and fittings are not universal. There are several designs, materials and sizes to consider when planning a remodeling project. For the most efficient plumbing system, careful planning will help deter costly repairs in the future.


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Residential New Construction Plumbing in Portland Oregon

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