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Residential Plumbing Repipes

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Knowing the age of a home is valuable information to assist you to care for the home. Like a car, the inner workings of a home have limited life expectancy, necessitating their replacement.

Over the years, plumbing systems in a home have been marred by daily use requiring residential plumbing repipes. Typically, with age pipes corrode, rust and start deteriorating.

It begins with small pit holes which can evolve into a major catastrophe in the home due to a burst pipe.

 Homes years ago were built with galvanized pipes, which over time break down with age.

If galvanized piping is found in these plumbing systems, they may need replacing. With years of wear and tear, galvanized piping is exposed to various chemicals, minerals, and various pollutants in water cause a home’s plumbing system to breakdown.

As a pipe ages, these contaminants wear down the material within the pipe. The aging process leads to weaker pipe walls, generating a possible rupture in the pipes. Your residential plumbing repipes experts can help evaluate the current physical condition of the home’s plumbing.

Signs You May Need to Repipe:

  • Gurgling sounds from drains
  • Water running slowly
  • Low water pressure
  • Rusty and discolored water
  • Pipes leaking
  • Pipes frequently clogging

Is house repiping essential?

Old and worn out pipes not only damage the home but contaminate the quality of the water supply. Cracked and worn pipes allow foreign debris and fungi into the water. A decrease in water pressure can indicate debris is clogging the pipe.

This reduction in water pressure will affect the home’s appliances that require water to function. Old pipes which develop leaks can destroy property. To restore any wall damage, sheet rock repair services will be needed. Ignoring these leaks not only destroys personal property but raises utility and restoration costs.

Today’s Piping alternatives

When your house requires repiping, flexible polyethylene piping known as PEX is an economical replacement. This piping made from a high-density polymer has been used in Europe since the 70s. It does not corrode and resists chlorine deposits and scale that has plagued galvanized piping in the past.

It is easy and fast to install. PEX piping requires fewer fitting and connections, and reduces the chances of leaks. Depending on the requirements, copper pipes are still used because of their durability and their resistance to fire and bacteria.

When you require residential plumbing repipes, the professionals at Pacific Plumbing & Drain will choose an alternative that is cost effective for the homeowner’s budget.


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Residential Plumbing Repipes in Portland Oregon

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