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One of the most used household plumbing fixtures during a typical day is the toilet. The World Toilet Organization (WTO) estimates that a household toilet that is flushed six to eight times each day per person averages out to 2,500 times. In one person’s lifetime routine, if they do flush the toilet six to eight times a day they will have spent nearly three years using the toilet according to the WTO. If there are four persons in a family, times 2,500 by four and that average household toilet will be flushed nearly 10,000 times in a year. No wonder the functions of a typical toilet eventually break down.

Eight warning signs a household toilet needs repair

  • Continuous running toilet due to flushing valve
  • Clogged toilet leading to an overflow
  • Weak flushing action due to older 4-gallon tank
  • Partial flush requiring flapper repair
  • Phantom or double flushing due to a cracked or broken toilet tank
  • Tank fills slowly due to closed valve under tank
  • Gurgling sounds coming from sink when flushing means there’s a clog in the drainage line
  • Water leaking on the floor around a toilet is from a worn out wax ring

Jiggling that handle again?

The toilet repair experts at Pacific Plumbing & Drain can quickly fix any one of these problems, lowering that monthly utility bill. Wearing out the toilet handle with constant jiggling? When the water keeps running for an extended period of time after flushing, there is usually a leak. The toilet is literally tossing water down the drain. The culprit could be a corroded overflow pipe or worn out flush valve assembly. Sometimes it’s as easy as replacing a damaged flapper valve.

A stopped up toilet can create havoc

Watching the water rise in the toilet bowl is a terrifying feeling. An overflowing toilet that requires daily plunging is a telltale sign that there is a blockage in the trap or further down in the drainage system. Besides the mess in front of your toilet, the subfloor is also getting damaged. Stop guessing and plunging; contact a residential toilet repair expert for help.

Sometimes a replacement is the only answer

Today there are environmentally efficient toilets available to replace that 4-gallon model of yesteryear. The more modern dual flushing replacement is kind to the environment and easy on the checkbook. Instead of wasting 4 gallons per flush, let the team at Pacific Plumbing & Drain prove what savings these dual flush models are.


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Residential Toilet Repair in Portland Oregon

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