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Discolored rusty water, low water pressure, leaking pipes or clogged pipes are serious signs of failing plumbing. Over time, it is normal for a home’s plumbing system to begin to show one or more of these signs of failure. Ignoring the indications of a leak or clog could end up being a potential disaster for a homeowner. No competent property owner wants to pay for extensive repairs when it can be avoided. Today homeowners have several choices when the need for plumbing repipes occurs. Depending on the requirements due to the damage, there are two options that professional plumbers offer for repiping.

Copper Provides Reliability

Copper has a proven track record of reliable service to American Homes for nearly 70 years. Many times the copper plumbing outlasts the building where it is installed. Copper piping is made from a durable natural material that is lightweight but rigid. It stops the growth of bacteria and is resistant to corrosion. This piping is lead-free, non-toxic and not a synthetic creation made in a lab. It has a proven record of dependability when used in buildings for plumbing pipe replacement. This record makes copper the leading piping accepted by almost all plumbing codes.

Over time it will not sag and requires fewer pipe supports. Joints are leak proof, free from lead solder joints which don’t pull apart or break. These attributes make installation easier further boosting its popularity with professional plumbers for plumbing pipe replacement. All copper plumbing systems are reliable and add value to homes when it is time to sell making homeowners happy.

PEX Piping Is the Plumber’s New Dreamy Alternative

PEX piping has been used in Europe since the 1970s. U.S. plumbers began using PEX around the 1980s; It has been increasing in popularity for projects replacing copper piping for plumbing repipes such as radiant heating systems and for under slab foundations, walkways, and floors. It expands when it is needed, will not corrode, and allows sediment to flow freely throughout the piping. Joint are not necessary because there is less need for connecting joints because PEX piping bends around the corners.

The versatility of PEX piping makes it a plumber’s dream for plumbing pipe replacement. PEX is amazingly flexible which makes threading it through walls easier for installation. On large repiping projects lowers the need for the extensive demolition and repair of a home’s walls reducing costs. PEX piping is amazingly less expensive to purchase and install making it cost effective for larger projects

An experienced plumbing team will be able to help owners decide on which type of piping will suit their plumbing needs. Both copper or PEX piping are reliable options for any plumbing repipes. Professionals in the industry agree that these pipe options for any plumbing system’s needs.


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