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Residential Water Heaters

A residential water heater is an incredible responsibility. These heaters often involve flames, gas lines, electricity, scalding water, and some form of pressurized contents.

One mistake could cost property owners and the plumbing technician quite a lot.

Pacific Plumbing and Drain specializes in providing residential water heater services that are safe, effective and efficient for customers. Our solutions are designed to be robust and up-to-date.


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Residential Water Heater Repair – Gas, Electric, Instant Hot Water Heaters, Code Violations, Re-Locations

Pacific Plumbing & Drain offers a variety of water heater services designed to repair a malfunctioning or improperly installed residential water heaters.

We specialize in working with gas and electric water heaters. Our technicians can even repair instant hot water heaters that may be located near faucets.

Pacific Plumbing and Drain also offers services designed to fix code violations. This can help remove the tag from a water heater, which in turn ensures safety while allowing the property owner to take the proper steps to reinstate the use of hot water.

Another focus of our service is to provide water heater re-locations. These re-locations may be necessary due to size constraints, plumbing fixtures or a variety of reasons. We aim to perform these re-locations quickly and safely to facilitate hot water in the home.

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Residential Heater Replacement – Gas, Electric, Energy Efficient, Retrofits

Pacific Plumbing and Drain also offers residential heater replacement services. Our technicians are capable of installing new gas or electric heaters.

We are also capable of installing energy-efficient heaters designed to use less energy overall. This can help save money while maintaining a large degree of comfort.

Retrofits are another area we specialize in. We are capable of updating old residential water heaters so that it can use newer, more efficient technologies. This can help reduce costs without forcing customers to install completely new plumbing infrastructure.

Residential On-Demand Water Heaters – Sales, Installation and Service

Some of our most popular plumbing services involves the sales, installation and service of on-demand water heaters. These heaters are capable of producing hot water near a faucet, which in turn can save energy while making hot water more accessible.

Pacific Plumbing and Drain is capable of selling, installing and servicing on-demand water heaters for our customers. We offer only the highest levels of professionalism designed to support the customer’s decisions.

To learn more about our residential water heater installation and services, contact us by calling (503) 839-2964.

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Residential Water Heaters in Portland Oregon

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